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Once a tree has been felled the stump left behind can sometimes cause problems and require stump removal. Apart from being an eyesore and taking up space, tree roots can sometimes remain active and continue to grow after felling and a tree stump can attract pests like carpenter ants and wasps.

Tree Stump Management

When we have felled your tree we can either remove it completely or treat it to prevent regrowth.

Stump Grinding

We have a range of machine sizes for grinding stumps, ranging from large machines to compact models for access through side gates or even through a house. A stump grinder will remove a stump entirely, turning it into woodchips which are then used to backfill the hole and left to decompose. It is a quick and efficient method of tree stump removal and can be done straight after a tree is felled or at a later date.

Stump Removal

‘Grubbing out’ is the process of digging out a small tree stump using either hand tools or a mechanical digger and refilling the hole.

Stump Treatment

If you want to retain the stump but stop regrowth problems we can treat the stump with an Eco-Plug. This is inserted into the stump and contains herbicide which is harmless to surrounding vegetation and animals, but typically stops regrowth, though occasionally repeated treatments may be required, depending on the season.

Or you could make it into a stumpery

A stumpery is a traditional garden feature, similar in appearance to a rockery, which utilises stumps and logs. They were popular in Victorian times and are now making a comeback. Examples can be seen at RHS gardens in Trebah Garden, Cornwall, Dalemain Mansion & Historic Gardens, Cumbria and Ragley Hall, Warwickshire. You can read more about them here. They make great wildlife habitats and can utilise some of the wood that might otherwise be wasted. Speak to our arborists in advance if you need us to leave any logs behind for your stumpery.

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