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Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia)

Robinias have recently been in the press as there has been a sudden and relatively unexplained decline in the species.

While no definitive answer has been found, there has been some suggestion that the decline is caused by a ‘vascular wilt disease’ caused a soil borne fungus (Verticillium spp.).

Vascular wilts are exremely serious diseases that can cause rapid death of whole populations of tree – ‘Dutch Elm disease’ is a vascular wilt.

Some have conjectured that the uncommonly wet weather of the last few years has either made conditions for the fungus more favourable, or stressed the trees making infection more easy, since Robinias like well drained sites.

If this is so, the weakened trees are also likely to be more susceptible to infection from root diseases Honey Fungus (Armillaria spp.) and Phytophora, in addition to other diseases which already affect the tree.

At this stage, little can be done for the trees while research continues, but hopefully the species will not go the way of the Elm; though since it is native only to North America, its loss will not be quite so severe for the British countryside.

  • The Lads did a great job. Arrived on time, carried out the surgery efficiently and with care, as well as clearing everything up before they left. Also fantastic to deal with an efficient head office team handling quotes and invoicing. Thank you for a job well done.

    Mr Johnson - Fetcham

  • Thank you for the work done in the garden yesterday - really lovely boys - who did a brilliant job. Trees look so much better

    Mrs Chambers – Dorking

  • Thank you for your work. I will be in touch for further work in the summer

    Mr Burrows – Nutfield

  • Dear Dave, I just wanted to say how pleased I was in the way that Justin and his team efficiently tackled my garden – back and front!

    Mrs Grant – Esher

  • Just wanted to say your two guys did cracking work at my place today with felling the willow tree. Definitely get your team back to sort out rest of the garden in a few months time Please pass on my thanks

    Mr Albert –Caterham

  • Thank you very much and please convey my thanks to the surgeons for a good job well done.

    Mr Millard –Earlswood

  • Many thanks for carrying out the tree work in my garden. It was a very good job and they tidied up. I was really pleased with the result 

    Mrs Hill – Betchworth

  • Dear Adriaan and team – Thank you for your great work on our trees 

    The Marshalls – Esher

  • Many thanks. We are very pleased at the outcome of this tree work.

    Mrs Crowther - Weybridge

  • All works completed in a courteous and professional manner. Thanks to your guys.

    Mr Partridge – Reigate

  • Many thanks, your guys did a great job, very friendly and helpful and they cleared up brilliantly. We didn't see them leave as we were still at work so didn't get a chance to thank them so please pass that on for us. We can't believe the difference it has made, we have daylight not to mention a massive reduction in leaf clearing up this autumn!

    Mrs Griffiths - Epsom.

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