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There are many different things to think about when discussing the role of tree work and the law.

All professional tree surgery services must adhere to many quite strict regulations and as a company we ensure that we carry out all our works to British Standard BS3998.

Protected Trees

Some trees and hedges are protected by legislations with a specific Tree Preservation Order (TPO) or because they stand in a conservation area. Carrying out work on these trees or hedges without first seeking permission from the local planning authority is illegal.

As part of our complete service, the Dave Ford Tree Care team will check whether an application is required and complete this application for you free of charge when you hire us to carry out any tree work.

This process takes 8 weeks for consent to be granted on TPO works and 6 weeks for all Conservation Area works to be processed by the local council. Find more information on the government website here.

Neighbour’s Trees

If your neighbour’s trees are imposing on your garden, you have no legal right to force them to reduce the height or size of the trees. However, if parts of the tree are growing over the boundary to your property then you are allowed to have those parts pruned back (if the trees are protected then permission must be sought from the local planning authority first).

If the tree is protected and poses a risk to you or your property, then we are able to apply to the council under an exemption for dead or dangerous tree works and therefore not have to wait for consent to be granted.

Neighbour’s Hedges

neighbours hedgesAs with trees, you cannot force your neighbour to have a hedge reduced in height or size, but you can have the hedge pruned back if it is growing across the boundary of your property (having sought any necessary permission from the local planning authority as required).

Evergreen hedges are also governed by the High Hedges Legislation in England, (Click Here), although it was also recently endorsed in Scotland. Under this legislation a complaint can be made to the local planning authority regarding hedge height. Please contact us for further details on this.

Facts About Endangered Animals

Trees form part of our natural surroundings; as a result they can often be a habitat for wildlife. There are certain types of animals that are protected by law, meaning that if their natural habitat happens to be in an area where tree surgery work may disrupt it – there could be difficulties obtaining the appropriate permissions.

The Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 provides legal protection for various animals, predominantly nesting birds. If you feel you may have some wildlife in an area you wish trees to be worked on, it is advisable to contact us for a free consultation before undertaking any work.

Please see further details in our Green Policy Section
Guide to Trees and Law from the Arboricultural Association

Guide to Arboricultural Association - Trees and the Law click here

Do we remove all the wood and brush that we cut down?

Yes, we will quote for removal of all of the arisings from the job, unless you request to keep any of it. If you would like to keep wood chips that we produce for mulching in your garden, or wood like to keep wood for logs, please let us know when we come to quote.

Should Ivy be removed from Trees?

For many years, gardeners and arborists alike would, as a matter of common tree maintenance, clear ivy from trees in order to remove the competition for light, water and nutrients, as well as the potential threat of the ivy totally smothering the tree. However, in the light of increasing knowledge and research into the relationship between the plant and its host, it is now NOT considered an instant threat to the tree, and it is not necessary to remove it on a regular basis.

In certain circumstances (tree inspection, formal areas etc.) it is necessary to clear trees of ivy in order to carry out a detailed inspection of the condition of the tree, or to keep the appearance of the tree ‘tidy’. However, in many instances where trees are in a less strictly managed area, especially where wildlife conservation is the main aim, ivy does not need to be removed.

Ivy is an attractive habitat for insects and invertebrates and consequently bird and animal life can benefit as a result of an increase in available food source. Bats, which are rare and protected by law regularly roost amongst ivy, as well as inside small cavities in suitable trees.

It would therefore depend on the main aims of the managers of the land in question as to whether the ivy is removed from the trees or it is left to provide a wildlife benefit. At Dave Ford Treecare we try to educate people regarding this and retain Ivy where possible.

Can you remove our tree stumps?

Yes, we are equipped to grind out stumps down to a depth of 30cm and enable the area of your garden to be useable for planting of new trees. We use the stump grindings to fill the hole created but there will be excess grindings which you can then use to mulch the area surrounding.

Do I need to inform my neighbours?

By the nature of what we do, there will always be noise from chainsaws which may disturb neighbours, so having a conversation with them prior to works always creates less issues on the day of works. With regard to working on neighbours trees, please refer to our guide on the Laws of Arboriculture

  • Thank you very much and please convey my thanks to the surgeons for a good job well done.

    Mr Millard –Earlswood

  • Thank you for the work done in the garden yesterday - really lovely boys - who did a brilliant job. Trees look so much better

    Mrs Chambers – Dorking

  • Dear Adriaan and team – Thank you for your great work on our trees 

    The Marshalls – Esher

  • Many thanks, your guys did a great job, very friendly and helpful and they cleared up brilliantly. We didn't see them leave as we were still at work so didn't get a chance to thank them so please pass that on for us. We can't believe the difference it has made, we have daylight not to mention a massive reduction in leaf clearing up this autumn!

    Mrs Griffiths - Epsom.

  • All works completed in a courteous and professional manner. Thanks to your guys.

    Mr Partridge – Reigate

  • The Lads did a great job. Arrived on time, carried out the surgery efficiently and with care, as well as clearing everything up before they left. Also fantastic to deal with an efficient head office team handling quotes and invoicing. Thank you for a job well done.

    Mr Johnson - Fetcham

  • Just wanted to say your two guys did cracking work at my place today with felling the willow tree. Definitely get your team back to sort out rest of the garden in a few months time Please pass on my thanks

    Mr Albert –Caterham

  • Many thanks. We are very pleased at the outcome of this tree work.

    Mrs Crowther - Weybridge

  • Dear Dave, I just wanted to say how pleased I was in the way that Justin and his team efficiently tackled my garden – back and front!

    Mrs Grant – Esher

  • Thank you for your work. I will be in touch for further work in the summer

    Mr Burrows – Nutfield

  • Many thanks for carrying out the tree work in my garden. It was a very good job and they tidied up. I was really pleased with the result 

    Mrs Hill – Betchworth

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