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What have we been doing lately

We have planted approximately 70 specimen trees, a small woodland and about 1000 metres of hedgerows all around the area.
Don't forget planting is as much our business as pruning and felling and we love to get our hands dirty…

Please call for planting advice and consultation. Anything from single specimen trees, all types of hedging and larger planting schemes, be it a small woodland or an avenue, we'll have a crack at anything. It's good to keep the world's oxygen supply going!

Venteran Tree Managment
"Retrenchment pruning" on some veteran Oak trees on Newdigate Brocus. (A large park in the centre of the village). This is a technique used on poorly / declining trees in an attempt to restore a better root: shoot ratio and rejuvenate the crowns. It can improve and lengthen the lives of trees enabling them to be enjoyed for longer and most importantly reducing the risk of failure of whole or parts of a tree. We are able to advise and implement all kinds of veteran tree management.

Dave Ford Tree Care Team Day!
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Thursday, 28 October 2021

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