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Sectional Fell with Crane

This mature Copper Beech (Fagus sylvatica purpurea) in Redhill showed advance signs of infection with the decay fungi Kretschmaria deusta. Due to the nature and severity of the decay, this tree unfortunately had to be removed. This was not an easy task since it was surrounded by several houses, most immediately by a garage and greenhouse; and because the tree was very large.

Our first task was to remove all the branches and lower them safely to the ground using ropes. A rigging system was set up within the tree which allows us to lower the branches under complete control. This guarantees that no damage will be done to the surrounding properties

Once all the branches have been removed and the tree reduced to a stem, a crane was called in to remove it in sections. A chain is attached around the stem before the cut is made, then once free the section is lifted gently to safety.

Once sufficient weight was removed from the butt, it was rigged up to the crane, cut from the roots, and lifted safely into the street.

Using a MEWP
Heavy Reduction


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Thursday, 28 October 2021

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