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Dave Ford Tree Care agrees to perform the work according to British Standard 3998 (2010) where possible and in compliance with both the Countryside and Wildlife Act 1981 and the Countryside Rights of Way Act 2000.

Dave Ford Tree Care has a great knowledge and appreciation for wildlife. We make it our goal to inform our customers of any ecological impact any tree works on their property may cause.

All lengths measured are approximate.

Following instructions from the client, Dave Ford Tree Care will check with the Local Planning Authority (LPA) whether the tree(s) are the subject of a Tree Preservation Order or whether the trees are located within a Conservation Area. If a planning application is required, Dave Ford Tree Care will apply on your behalf to the relevant authority.

If a parking suspension is required, Dave Ford Tree Care will arrange this and subsequent charges will be passed on to the client.

Three months after the submission of the quotation Dave Ford Tree Care reserves the right to withdraw and re-price work, unless otherwise agreed in writing on acceptance of instructions from the client.

Any amendments to the contract must be made and agreed with Dave Ford Tree Care in writing prior to the commencement of the work. Failure to do this will result in the full amount of the contract being invoiced.

The contract price is based on the site conditions remaining unchanged and as existing at the time of the estimate preparation.

Any charge for the removal of power lines or telephone cables will be the responsibility of the client, unless otherwise agreed in writing with the contractor.

Stump grinding will be to a depth of 300mm below the immediately adjacent ground level and will include the removal of the stump and buttress roots but will not include the removal of lateral roots or stump chippings unless otherwise specified. The client will advise the contractor of any underground services in the vicinity of the stump prior to starting the job. Dave Ford Tree Care will carry out a CAT scan of the ground in the immediate vicinity of the stump before grinding works commence.

Dave Ford Tree Care shall be under no liability for any damage caused as a result of work performed under the contract to such pipes, wires or cables, or for any damage of the property as a result of not being provided with the relevant information. The client, therefore, shall be solely liable for any such damage.

Dave Ford Tree Care will not be liable in damages or otherwise because of non-performance of the contract arising on account of adverse weather conditions, strikes, lockouts, war and civil commotion, or lack of adequately skilled labour due to causes beyond our control. Dave Ford Tree Care retains the right in such circumstances to cancel the contract in whole or in part. Completion dates shall be contingent upon weather conditions.

Where works are proposed to third party trees, i.e. ‘neighbours trees’, Dave Ford Tree Care require written confirmation from the tree owner (‘the neighbours’) that the works are agreed and where necessary, that access is permitted. If works only apply to overhanging branches that can be pruned from within the client’s property then permission is not required but the neighbour should be advised where practicable.

Complaints that may arise from the work performed under the contract and arising from the acceptance of the estimate must be made in writing within a period of seven days from the date of invoice, unless agreed in writing to the contrary.

All work carried out by Dave Ford Tree Care is covered by £5,000,000 Third Party and Public Liability Insurance for damage to persons or property that may result from the implementation of the contract.

VAT will be charged at the current rate.

Payment is due in full within 7 days of presentation of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing, to be paid direct to our bank or by cheque.