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Tree Inspections

Tree Inspections in Surrey

We are able to complete detailed tree inspections of your trees, including diagnosis of any diseases that are present – a process which may include climbing to inspect the health of the tree high in the canopy. Call us on 01306 611661 to talk to one of our Surrey tree surgeons based in Reigate.

Tree Inspections - dryadsaddle

This scaly polypore (Polyporus squamosus), a dangerous decay fungi, was found during a climb into the tree’s canopy, and may otherwise have gone undetected. Note the pruning saw inserted by our tree surgeon, into the decay cavity.

Tree Inspections - laetiporus

This ‘sulphur shelf’ or ‘chicken of the woods’ (Laetiporus sulphureus), is common decay fungus found on mature and veteran oaks. Whilst the fungus itself is edible, it causes a cubicle brown rot which can cause collapse without any predisposing signs.

For a free estimate for tree inspections in Reigate, Dorking, Horsham or the Surrey surroundings contact us.

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