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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning by Professional Tree Surgeons

Tree pruning is the removal of parts of the tree whether they be diseased, dying or dead, potentially dangerous, or simply healthy branches that are removed for cosmetic reasons.

Anyone can cut branches off a tree, but to do so in a sympathetic and safe way requires expertise and a good understanding of tree biology where Tree Surgeons can help. All cuts do damage to the tree, but poorly sited and executed cuts are especially bad, and may form a seat of decay within the tree. Cuts should always be made by Tree Surgeons as well as taking into account the underlying structures of the tree and branch, and thus giving the tree the maximum chance of recovering from the wound.

Pruning early in a tree’s life can be known as ‘formative pruning’. This can help avoid biomechanical features that will become dangerous later in the life of the tree. Good formative pruning should avoid potentially expensive and damage remedial works undertaken by tree surgeons in the future.

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