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Surrey Tree Surgery - Case Studies

Tree Surgeon Case Study One – Crown Reduction and Cable Brace
Tree Surgeon Case Study Two – Heavy Reduction
Tree Surgeon Case Study Three – Sectional fell with Crane
Tree Surgeon Case Study Four – Using a MEWP

Using a MEWP

This long dead oak (Quercus robur) was deemed unsafe to climb, so to remove it, it was necessary to bring in a ‘Mobile Elevated Work Platform’. These devices also known as ‘cherry pickers’ are gaining popularity in arboriculture in the UK, and are much more commonly employed in the United States and Australia.

MEWPs come in all shapes and sizes. The largest variety weigh several tonnes and can be driven whilst fully extended. This smaller tracked version is much more suitable for work on domestic properties as the base unit can be manouvered through tight spaces.

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Case study 4 - Detail of the mewp showing tracks Detail of the mewp showing tracks Case study 4 - Working from the MEWP Working from the MEWP